Thursday, February 18, 2016


Bold Faced Liar, US Atty Danny Williams
US Attorney Danny Williams: "She was receiving monies, for a procedure that did not work..."  after being shown irrefutable proof that it DID WORK.
-by Randy Simmons

No justice. 
No peace.
On February 10, 2016, after four days of jury deliberation, Dr. Antonella Carpenter was found "guilty" on 29 of 41 counts of "fraud," by a jury that somehow included an attorney... as foreman. Sure, that's not suspicious.
It is what we say it is, and we say it's fraud.
Pay no mind to the fact that by legal definition, for "fraud" to exist, there must be as a necessary element of the crime, a proven intent to mislead or deceive, which was in this case proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be completely non existent.
Pay no mind to the 12 living testaments to the effectiveness of her treatment that came to defend her, and the many others who sent letters to the FDA. (I wonder how it makes THEM feel, to know that for 7 to 10 years, they have only been "imagining" that they were cancer free, and that the treatment that saved them was in reality a fraud.)
"Yes, you have been deceived. You need to come in for aggressive chemo... we want our money, and you need to die so we will have another case to use against her." 
Pay no mind to the fact that of the seven patient cases used against her, the five who died ALL HAD CHEMO in their last few months alive, despite Dr. Carpenter's emotional and at times angered pleas with them to not do it, as it would be suicide. Throughout the case, even when I was grilled before the Grand Jury in August 2014, it always seemed that beneath it all, the real crime here was blaspheming the false gods of chemo.


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