Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barbara Hartwell vs CIA

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

EXPOSED: Libel, Slander, Harassment by Busybody/Stalker Michelle Wolven 

Michelle Wolven began her attacks of libel/slander on Barbara Hartwell after I appeared as a guest on Dr. Antonella Carpenter's radio program, The Medical Conspiracy. Wolven has now escalated her attacks by harassing known associates of mine, and by sending a libelous letter to the station manager of Orion Talk Radio. Wolven also continues to post libelous falsehoods on the Internet.

[See letter below and refutation of Wolven's libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell.]

I was invited as a guest by Dr. Carpenter, as a former intelligence professional (CIA)  and  counterintelligence expert, after she had heard me describing COINTELPRO tactics on another broadcast (same network, Orion Talk Radio), Against the Wall, hosted by James Freeland. My purpose in coming on the show was to outline the methodology used to neutralize a Target, in this case Dr. Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter subsequently invited me back, for a total thus far of five (5) programs.

I was told that any previous efforts by Dr. Carpenter and associates to get assistance/backup in addressing this issue had come to naught. Those who were approached declined to get involved and/or made derisive comments, in effect marginalizing Dr. Carpenter's very serious concerns and/or calling them ridiculous.

In truth, Dr. Carpenter's concerns are very real and she has been under siege for years by those who wish not only to shut down her business, Lase Med Inc., but to ruin her financially and destroy every aspect of her life.

Make no mistake: This is the objective of a COINTELPRO neutralization campaign: Destroy the life of the Target.

Unfortunately, there are very few people who actually KNOW anything about counterintelligence operations, and fewer still with any kind of expertise on the issue, or direct experience as a high-profile Target. There are many who claim to "know", but in fact, don't know what they're talking about; there are also those who may actually  "know", but are themselves government shills involved in the campaigns against Targets.

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